The Chocolate Craving Crusher Shake



Now that we’re heading towards February, surely everyone’s New Years Resolutions are being tested! We’ve come up with a delicious and decadent shake that will completely annihilate any and all cravings you might be having for unhealthy, processed chocolate. This shake is creamy, rich, and will keep you on track so you don’t have to sacrifice any of those goals you set 22 days ago. Plus, who doesn’t love all-you-can-eat chocolate?!

What You’ll Need:
-Frozen Bananas (as many as you desire! We used 3-4)
– 3-4 Tablespoons of Date Sugar (Or you can use dates that have been soaked in water for a few hours)
– 1-2 Tablespoons of Carob or Cacao Powder

This recipe is really to taste, so if you like your shakes super duper creamy add more bananas. If you love that chocolate-y taste, then add more carob/cacao. And for all of you out there with that insatiable sweet tooth, go heavy on those dates!

-Add frozen bananas, dates or date sugar, and your carob/cacao powder to blender.

-Add only as much water as you need to keep the blender running smoothly. (We like our shakes REALLY thick, so we add as little water as possible.)

-Blend it all together, pour into your favorite glass and DEVOUR!


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